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Metuchen, NJ
Businesses Currently Represented


Banking Services
Business Broker
Computer Solutions
Financial Planning
Health & Beauty

Home Mortgages
Life Insurance
Office Equipment
Paralegal & Notary

Personal Injury Attorney
Print & Promo Products
Property & Casualty

Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Sales
Title Insurance
Web Design & Hosting


--  How Does BNI Work  --

  BNI is more than a Business Card Exchange Group. BNI is about:
  • building Business Relationships
  • establishing Confidence
  • creating Trust
  • learning each other's Business and Type of Desired Referrals
  • expanding each other's Sales & Marketing team

This is done through regular meetings, continuous interaction and finally, commitment; commitment not only to show up at meetings but commitment to identify opportunities for fellow members' businesses. Also, since only one business category can be represented per chapter, you are not competing among your fellow members.

Each business category has a sphere of influence; that is, a number of related businesses but non-competitive that naturally interact due to common or supporting markets, products or services, audience needs, etc. These spheres of influence form strong Power Teams which work closely together, and are typically more successful in generating referrals due to the mutual relationships. This doesn't limit a member's referrals as business categories do overlap Power Teams, so it is not uncommon for referrals from more than one Power Team. As an example of the interaction between business categories within the Power Teams, please refer to our chart of Power Teams within our chapter's environment.

Don't waste time attending events where walking up to strangers is as productive as making Cold Calls. Your time is too valuable. So make the most of your networking through a team of known, trusted partners.

See what this is all about and how it works. Visit us at one of our meetings. There is no obligation or pressure of joining. We believe you will see the value of membership and will want to apply for membership.