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East Brunswick, NJ
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Banking Services
Business Broker
Computer Solutions
Financial Planning
Health & Beauty

Home Mortgages
Life Insurance
Office Equipment
Paralegal & Notary

Personal Injury Attorney
Print & Promo Products
Property & Casualty

Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Sales
Title Insurance
Web Design & Hosting


--  Benefits of BNI  --

While the ultimate success of an individual's efforts is solely their responsibility, BNI provides an excellent environment enabling every member the opportunity to share ideas, to promote their business and to help each other grow their business through referrals. There are some major benefits afforded as a member of BNI.

Extended Marketing Team:

  • Through weekly Chapter meetings, each member has the opportunity to present and promote their business.
  • Outside of regularly scheduled meetings, one-on-one meetings between members builds greater understanding of each other's business
  • Member interaction enables personal knowledge of each other and cultivates trust
  • Every member becomes a spokesperson for your business by advertising and recommending your business thus opening up doors that would normally be closed.

Effective Advertising  -  Word-of-Mouth:

  • Personal recommendation from a known source
  • Far better than relying on ads, brochures, e-mails to open the door to prospective clients
  • Not a Cold Call but a Qualified Lead
  • Contact is now with someone known to be seeking your business
  • Better utilization of printed media; potentially less printed material finding its way into the waste-paper basket

Supportive Environment:

  • No competition among businesses; one member per business category
  • Advanced Training
  • Regional Workshops
  • Social Events such as Mixers
  • Maintains a quality level of membership where poor performers or inactive members are encouraged to improve or terminate membership
  • Synergistic professions can pull together to optimize their effort

By this point we hope that you are convinced that membership in BNI and the Profit Partners Chapter is the appropriate action for your business plan. The key is to determine if your business category is already represented in our chapter or if we have a void which you could fill. Therefore, check out our represented businesses in our Members Directory.